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Sangjoon Lee

Photo of Sangjoon Lee
Sangjoon Lee
PhD Candidate in Sociology
A.B. in Social Studies, Harvard University, 2008
Master in Public Policy, Harvard Unviersity, 2010


I am a PhD Candidate in Sociology.  As a student of economic sociology and organization studies, I conduct research on how institutional contexts and organizational arrangements shape and influence workplace dynamics.


In my theoretical underpinnings, I follow the footsteps of economic sociologists to envision a firm as an organization embedded in social structure (Granovetter 1985).  Workers interact with one another at their workplaces where tasks and roles give birth to inter-personal, inter-unit or inter-department relationships, which in turn create grounds for collaboration or conflict that might have not been imagined or conceived before.  In that sense, a firm is a space of social interactions and mechanisms.  I therefore regard a firm as socially embedded and constructed, especially within and across ongoing social relations, and thus take a look at the relationship between social and economic elements in its life and beyond.


 As an interdisciplinary researcher using both quantitative and qualitative methods, I have focused on organizations, institutions, and regimes of workplace participation and empowerment.  For my empirical investigations, I use quantitative methods to analyze shared capitalism in the United States, whereas I use qualitative methods to study workplace democracy and social economy in South Korea.  In my theoretical framework, I examine workplace participation and empowerment from cross-national perspectives in comparative sociology and industrial and labor relations.


As a regular participant in the Rugters University Kelso Workshop and the UC San Diego Beyster Symposium, I am an active researcher in the field of employee ownership, workplace participation, and labor empowerment.


During my PhD training, I have served as a teaching assistant to Mark Granovetter in his economic sociology class twice and to David Pedulla in his research methodology class.  As an aspiring sociologist with the passion for teaching and mentoring, I have enjoyed interacting with colleagues and students at Stanford, pursuing joint efforts with them to explore the social world with our eyes wide open.