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Coterminal MA Research Track

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The Coterminal Research Track is an option for students who wish to pursue a more research-intensive degree. This track allows students to carry out research on a sociological question of interest and produce a final thesis or expanded paper under the supervision of a department faculty member. Students are admitted to the research track only after they have been accepted into the program (i.e., there is no separate application procedure, although students interested in pursuing this track are welcome to indicate this on the application, in the first few sentences of the personal essay.)

Current coterm students who would like to take the research track should complete this form and email it to Professor Michelle Jackson for approval.

Coterm Director Michelle Jackson with 2023 graduates Vanessa Veak and Ryan Cieslikowski

Coterm Director Michelle Jackson with '23 graduates Vanessa Veak and Ryan Cieslikowski

Program Outline

Students on the research track must complete all standard coterminal M.A. program requirements:

  • 45 unduplicated units in courses at or above the 100 level.
  • At least 23 of the 45 total units must be at the 200 level or above.
  •  A maximum of 5 units can be taken in other Social Sciences departments (Anthropology, Communications, Economics, Political Science and Psychology) with prior approval from the program director . 
  • Required courses include SOC 270 and SOC 280A. 
  • SOC 202, SOC 204 and SOC 280B are strongly recommended.

However, students on the research track may count 18 units of coursework from the 290 series [SOC 290 (maximum 5 units), SOC 291, and SOC 292] with a faculty member appointed in sociology. 

Research-focused Sample Curriculum 2023-2024


SOC 202 - Junior Seminar: Preparation for Research3
SOC 204 - Capstone Research Seminar5
SOC 270 - Classics of Modern Social Theory4
SOC 280A - Foundations of Social Research4
SOC 280B - Introduction to Data Analysis4
SOC 291 - Coterminal MA Directed Research9
SOC 292 - Coterminal MA Research Apprenticeship9
SOC 215 - Global Human Rights and Local Practices3
SOC 226 - Introduction to Social Networks4
Stanford graduating undergraduates facing the stage with their caps on

Ryan Cieslikowski '23

Graphic Design the faces of women of all races beneath a banner that reads "Ni Una Mas, Ni Una Menos."

Emilia Diaz-Magaloni '23

Coterm MA student Vanessa Veak standing in front of light green and burgundy bushes

Vanessa Veak '23

Couple on a park bench looking as though they just had a disagreemnent.

Julia Raven '22