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Sociology Coterminal MA: How to Apply

The Sociology Department welcomes graduate applications from individuals with a broad range of life experiences, perspectives, and backgrounds who would contribute to our community of scholars. Review of applications is holistic and individualized, considering each applicant’s academic record and accomplishments, letters of recommendation, and admissions essays in order to understand how an applicant’s life experiences have shaped their past and potential contributions to their field.


The Coterminal M.A. degree program in Sociology allows current Stanford undergraduates to study for bachelor's and master's degrees simultaneously.

The department accepts applications once a year and all application materials are submitted on-line. The application deadline is January 25, 2024 for Spring quarter enrollment. 

Please note: The department does not fund coterminal M.A. students. 

Minimizing pre-admission communication with faculty: We appreciate that prospective coterminal master's students are often instructed to reach out to faculty in advance of applying. However, our policy is to avoid any protracted discussions between faculty and candidates prior to admission since research shows that fair and transparent process can easily be clouded by back-channel communications.  We don’t mean to be off-putting! Instead, our goal is to ensure that everyone has equal opportunity and is considered fairly. For more information, you can review Stanford's Guide to Getting into Grad School.


Application Requirements

To apply for admission to the Sociology coterminal M.A. program, students must submit the following:

  • Fill out  Application for Admission to Coterminal Master's Program  available online in mid-September;
  • Statement of purpose: Applicants should outline reasons for pursuing the M.A. in Sociology, including career aspirations, plans for additional advanced degrees, and other aspects of their academic experiences that may aid the admissions committee in evaluating their motivation for graduate study. Students interested in a research-intensive curriculum should describe their specific research interests and plans to complete an original research project, a research apprenticeship with Sociology faculty, or both. 
  • 3.  Submit a Preliminary Program Proposal for Master's Degree. Download this form and upload a completed version to the online application. At least 45 units of course work relevant to the degree program must be specified. Sample proposals for the current academic year.
  • 4.  Current unofficial undergraduate transcript;
  • 5.  Two letters of recommendation from Stanford faculty familiar with the student's academic work.

Additional letters from teaching assistants, employers, or other individuals are accepted as supplemental materials but are not required. Letters from Sociology faculty or department affliliates are highly recommended, especially for students at or near the 3.5 GPA minimum requirement. 

Please see the Stanford Bulletin for additional requirements and detailed information on Coterminal Degree Programs.  

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