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Matthew Clair, an assistant professor of sociology, is honored for his engagement with and advising of students that demystifies the academy and makes students feel comfortable and confident.

He is recognized for his serious approach to…

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Asad Asad participated in a two-part conversation about immigration surveillance with the Rational Middle Podcast. Part I of the conversation examines the surveillance we might expect when we hear a phrase like, "border security and interior…

BBVA Foundation

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The BBVA Foundation presented the Frontiers of Knowledge Award in Social Sciences to Mark Granovetter, “the most eminent economic sociologist in the world,” for revealing the power of “loose social ties” among individuals for people's economic…

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Amid Slowdown, Immigration Is Driving U.S. Population Growth

A declining birthrate and pandemic deaths helped drive U.S. population growth to historic lows. But immigration appears to be back on the rise.

Overall, 2021…

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Adapting to Pandemic, Latino-Owned Businesses Get Stronger

Research finds Latino entrepreneurs leaning into tech, bolstering employee benefits.

As the nation’s businesses work through the second year…