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Meghan Olivia Warner

PhD Candidate
Department of Sociology
B.A., Sociology. UC Berkeley, 2016.
M.A., Sociology. Stanford University, 2019.
Dissertation Title
Childbirth Choices: How Women Plan For and Experience Birth

Meghan is a medical and cultural sociologist who uses qualitative methods to study bodies as sites for the reproduction of gender inequality. More specifically, she studies sexual violence, family formation, and pregnancy and childbirth. Her work can be found in Sociological Perspectives, Contexts, and The Annual Review of Law and Social Science.

In her dissertation, she uses interviews, surveys, and observations to study how women in the SF Bay Area prepare for and experience their first births. This research is supported by grants from the American Sociological Association, the Center for Institutional Courage, the Stanford Ethnography Lab, and the Stanford School of Humanities and Sciences.


Research Interests

Field of Interest
medical sociology
cultural sociology
qualitative methods
sexual violence