Iris Zhang

B.A., University of Pennsylvania, 2016
Iris Zhang

Prior employment: Research and Program Associate, Brennan Center for Justice, 2016-2018

Thanks for coming to my page! 

I am a 4th year PhD student here at Stanford Sociology. I employ both quantitative and qualitative methods to answer questions about neighborhood change, the racial structures underlying residential mobility patterns, and unequal access to political power among underrepresented groups such as people who are system-impacted and people in poverty. The Changing Cities Research Lab is my intellectual home at Stanford. 

My dissertation committee is comprised of co-chairs Jackelyn Hwang and David Grusky. Asad Asad and Matt Clair are readers. In my dissertation, I investigate a few causes and consequences of gentrification for people who are poor and/or people who are racial minorities using the Federal Reserve Bank of New York/Equifax datasets on Bay Area residents, the Panel Study of Income Dynamics, and interviews with Oakland residents. I am also working on a project on municipal annexations where I analyze 6 years of Census place-level boundary changes for the country using place- and block-level shapefiles and demographic data across 2 decades.

I have a few ongoing, collaborative projects with sociologists both at Stanford and at other institutions, and with graduate students both in sociology and other disciplines. Thanks to my generous collaborators, in these projects, I am gaining experience in methods like field experiments, ethnography, text analysis, and analysis of the first ever "open" interview data--the American Voices Project, to understand the drivers of race and class differences in political participation.

My research has been supported in part through fellowships from Stanford Impact Labs and the Center for Spatial and Textual Analysis. I was an Equity and Inclusion student fellow at the 2021 Fall APPAM conference and I received the VPGE Research and Teaching Award through Stanford's Asian American Activities Center in 2022. I am always happy to share R code and publicly available data if they are not already available on my Github.

Research Interests

Field of Interest
Gentrification and Neighborhood Change