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Alison Wynn

Photo of Alison

Alison Wynn

PhD Candidate
MA, Stanford University, 2013
BA, Duke University, 2008


Alison’s research examines organizational polices and practices that may inadvertently create or reinforce gender inequality. In particular, she studies recruiting practices, perceptions of cultural fit, flexibility programs, and gender equality initiatives in elite industries such as technology, consulting, and academic medicine. 

Her dissertation explores how ideologies about inequality and change impact successful implementation of gender equality initiatives. Using original qualitative data (including over 120 in-depth interviews and a year-long observational case study), Alison finds that elite employees tend to maintain an individualistic approach to organizational change, in contrast with the structural approach more common among sociologists of gender. Ultimately, the potency of the individualistic mindset causes larger structural barriers to diversity to remain entrenched.
Alison is most qualified to teach courses about gender, inequality, social psychology, organizations, qualitative methods, and quantitative methods.