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Tamkinat S. Rauf

Graduation Year
Dissertation Title
The Inequalities of Well-being and Income
Assistant Professor of Sociology, University of Wisconsin-Madison

My research examines disparities in mental, physical, and material well-being, with a focus on economic and political institutions. I use a variety of analytical approaches in my work, including event study models, sociogenomics, and survey experiments.

My dissertation research investigates the causal effect of income on mental well-being, and the policy and political implications of these findings. My analyses draw on data from large representative national surveys and an online survey experiment. This work has been supported by the Institute for Research in the Social Sciences, the Russell Sage Foundation, and Stanford Center for American Democracy.

A separate line of my research focuses on metascience and the role of academic institutions in society. I have been a project assistant for Time-Sharing Experiments in the Social Sciences since 2018. 

My work has appeared in the American Sociological Review, Social Forces, the Journal of Marriage and Family, among other outlets.