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Ph.D.s on the Market

Photo of Anna Boch

Anna Boch

Dissertation: How free is speech on campus, and how free should it be? Tolerance, political ideology and the United States
Fields of Interest: Political Sociology, Immigration, Cultural Sociology, Race and Ethnicity

Gabriel Z. Chiu

Fields of Interest: Chinese Society, Comparative and Historical Sociology, Cultural Sociology, Economic Sociology, Organizations and Work, Qualitative Methods, Quantitative Methods

James Y. Chu

Fields of Interest: Inequality; Organizations; Education; Social Psychology; Networks; Field Experiments

Jared Furuta

Dissertation: Global Changes in the Structural Dimensions of National Education Systems: High Stakes Examinations, Tracking, and National Assessments, 1960-2010
Fields of Interest: Global/Transnational Sociology, Education, Social Stratification, Organizations, Culture, Theory
Photo of Jasmine Hill

Jasmine Hill

Fields of Interest: Social Inequality and Stratification; Race and Ethnicity; Economic Sociology; Cultural Sociology

Taylor Orth

Fields of Interest: Economic Sociology, Family, Gender, Political Psychology, Sexualities, Social Demography

Jacob Reidhead

Fields of Interest: Korean Society, Social Networks, Political Sociology, Comparative Sociology, Organizational Theory, Computational Soc Sci
Photo of Ling

Ling Zhu

Dissertation: Balancing Political Control and Regional Development: Spatial Mobility in the Chinese Bureaucracy
Fields of Interest: Chinese Society, Computational Social Science, Economic Sociology, Organizations and Work, Political Sociology, Quantitative Methods, Social Inequality and Stratification, Social Networks