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Ph.D.s on the Market

Photo of Anna Boch

Anna Boch

Dissertation: How free is speech on campus, and how free should it be? Tolerance, political ideology and the United States
Fields of Interest: Political Sociology, Immigration, Public Opinion, Race and Ethnicity

Jared Furuta

Dissertation: Global Changes in the Structural Dimensions of National Education Systems: High Stakes Examinations, Tracking, and National Assessments, 1960-2010
Fields of Interest: Global/Transnational Sociology, Education, Social Stratification, Organizations, Culture, Theory

Chloe Grace Hart

Dissertation: The Hidden Costs of Sexual Harassment
Fields of Interest: Gender, Health Disparities, Sexualities, Organizations, Race and Ethnicity, Social Psychology

Jasmine Hill

Fields of Interest: Social Inequality and Stratification; Race and Ethnicity; Economic Sociology; Cultural Sociology

Aaron Horvath

Dissertation: Accounting, Accountability, and the Organizational Construction of Democratic Practice
Fields of Interest: economic and organizational sociology; sociology of knowledge; democracy and civil society
Photo of Marlene

Marlene Orozco

Fields of Interest: Economic Sociology, Immigration, Race and Ethnicity, Social Inequality and Stratification
Jacob Reidhead

Jacob Reidhead

Fields of Interest: Political Sociology, Social Networks, Korean Society

Tagart Cain Sobotka

Dissertation: Bad Doctors, Enablers, and the Powerless: The Opioid Crisis and the Construction of Blame
Fields of Interest: Criminology, Gender, Health, Medical Sociology, Social Psychology, Substance Use

Katie Wullert

Dissertation: Learning on the Job Search: How Job Search Experiences Hinder Diversity in STEM
Fields of Interest: Gender, Social Inequality and Stratification, Organizations and Work, Social Psychology