Katie Wullert

B.A., Boston College, 2015
M.A., Stanford University, 2017
Katie Wullert
Dissertation Title
Learning on the Job Search: How Job Search Experiences Hinder Diversity in STEM

I am PhD candidate in Sociology at Stanford University. Broadly, my research examines the role of gendered, racialized, and classed stereotypes in crafting images of the ideal worker that serve as barriers to increasing diversity in the workplace. My dissertation work draws on interview and survey data to examine how job search experiences act as learning processes to inform job seekers' understandings of who is 'right' for a job in highly gendered and classed ways.


I am also a committed instructor and mentor, working with students both in the classroom and on research, and have taught and TA'd courses on gender and work, social psychology, statistics, and social theory.