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Josh Gagn​é

Josh Gagn​é


Josh is a third-year doctoral candidate in Stanford's Sociology Department and the Center for Education Policy Analysis (CEPA) at Stanford University. He is an Gerald J. Lieberman, Institute of Education Sciences (IES), and Enhancing Diversity in Graduate Education (EDGE) fellow with a BA in Political Science from the University of Chicago and an MA in Education from Stanford University.

Josh's primary research strain considers how uneven educational opportunities reproduce racial and economic stratification, with a focus on the roles of various types and scales of segregation phenomena, the relationships between them, and the development of related statistical methods. His other, related research strains concern the sociology of race, with a focus on racial fluidity, racial ideology, and international comparison, and the social and methodological implications of chance, uncertainty, and measurement error.

*** As a FLI (first-generation/low-income) student, I welcome opportunities to discuss applying to Stanford's PhD programs in Sociology and Education with prospective FLI and POC students. Please feel free to reach out via email with "Prospective Student" as the subject line. ***