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John Muñoz

Photo of John
John Muñoz
B.A., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2010


PhD Candidate | Department of Sociology
Statistical Software Consultant | Social Science Data and Software
Teaching Consultant | Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning


We Ran 9 Billion Regressions: Eliminating False Positives through Computational Model Robustness
Going Green: Environmental Protest, Policy, CO2 Emissions, in U.S. States 1990-2007
Friends or Foes? How Social Movement Allies Affect the Passage of Legislation in the U.S. Congress
Rejoinder: Can We Weight Models By Their Probability of Being True?

SOC 118D - Ice Cream Doesn’t Cause Shark Attacks: Debunking Pseudoscience and Conducting Good Research | Stanford, 2017
SOC 118/218 - Social Movements and Collective Action | Stanford, 2017
SOC 124D - The Intuition of Social Research | Stanford, 2016
SOC 300 - Teaching Development | Stanford, 2015

Teaching Assistant:
Leila Arthur Cilker Fellowship and Award for Excellence in Teaching | Stanford, 2014-2015
SOC 382 - Sociological Methodology II: Multivariate Regression | Stanford, 2015
OB 219 - Organizational Design | Stanford, 2014
SOC 383 - Sociological Methodology III: Models for Discrete Outcomes | Stanford, 2014
SOC 382 - Sociological Methodology II: Multivariate Regression | Stanford, 2014
SOC 382 - Sociological Methodology II: Multivariate Regression | Stanford, 2013
SOC 180A/280A - The Foundations of Social Research | Stanford, 2012

Blind Hiring Survey Experiment of Hiring Decisions; Formalization and Organizational Policies Moderating Discrimination in Callbacks in a Labor Market Audit Study | Stanford, 2016-Present
Incorporating Model Uncertainty into Social Science Research: A Computational Estimator for Model Robustness | Stanford, 2013-2015
Environmental Protest, Organizations, and Legislative Success | Stanford, 2013-2015
Social Movements in the News | Stanford, 2011-2013
Desegregating the South: The Impact of Movement, Political, and Economic Characteristics on Success | UNC, 2009-2010