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Jan Gerrit Voelkel

Jan Gerrit Voelkel
Ph.D. Student, Sociology, Stanford University
B.S., Social Sciences, University of Cologne, 2015
M.S., Social and Behavioral Sciences, Tilburg University, 2017


Jan studies political persuasion, group conflicts, and meta-science. He is interested in (a) why different political and ideological groups fight with each other, (b) under which circumstances people have constructive and effective discourse about moral and political issues, and (c) what are the best ways to conduct research and make scientific progress. Methodologically, Jan combines experiments with text analyses and is currently running his first mass collaboration project. In his spare time, he coaches The Snails, an aspiring soccer team, with a strong focus on structure and triangles, enjoys playing padel and tennis, and works on his credibility for future rap & science projects.

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