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Gabriel Z. Chiu

Gabriel Z. Chiu
PhD Candidate in Sociology
MSc. (with Distinction) Sociology, Oxford University, England, 2011
MSc. Management and Strategy, London School of Economics, England, 2009
Bachelor of Economics, Sun Yat-sen University, China, 2007


I am an economic sociologist interested in the relationship between culture and the economy.  My dissertation is a mixed-method study of the rise of entrepreneurship in China.  It examines the change of the meaning of “entrepreneurship” in China and how that affects people’s decision to become an entrepreneur.   My research is supported by the National Science Foundationthe Association for Asian Studiesand the Stanford Center on Global Poverty and Development, among others.

I am currently a graduate fellow with the Stanford Center on Global Poverty and Development. Previously, I was a pre-doctoral fellow with the Stanford Center at Peking University, which served as an institutional base for my fieldwork in Beijing.  My doctoral coursework was generously supported by the Stanford Graduate Fellowship in Science & Engineering.

The interdisciplinary education that I have received spans three continents.  Prior to Stanford, I read sociology at Oxford (M.Sc. with Distinction), where I was a member of St. Hugh’s College.  I also hold an M.Sc. in management and strategy from London School of Economics, and a bachelor's in economics from China. 

Thanks to my work experience in management consulting, I maintain close relationships with the industry and communities both within and outside of academia.  Having lived in Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Shanghai, London, Oxford, and Beijing, I now call California home.  I am multilingual in Cantonese, Mandarin Chinese, and English.