Esha Chatterjee

Ph.D. Candidate in Sociology
M.A. (Sociology), Stanford University.
B.A. (Sociology), Presidency College, Kolkata.
Graduation Year
Esha Chatterjee
Dissertation Title
College majors and Inequality in the Labor Market

I am a Ph.D. candidate in sociology specializing in the study of social inequality in the US. My dissertation research looks at how college majors influence gender segregation and income inequality in occupations. I am trying to understand how women with similar education get different jobs than men; is it just discrimination or are there other underlying factors such as, college majors? Does the sorting mechanism appear long before men and women enter the labor market? These questions are primary motivating factors in my research.  The project is a mixed methods project, using data from ACS as well as designing a survey experiment to study the causal questions of whether college major choice causes occupational sex segregation. I am currently designing a survey experiment to study how a college major choice influences women's assignment to male dominated occupations. 

Apart from this I have a paper under review that studies income inequality within occupations, and another paper accepted for publication at Social Problems that studies racism and prejudice using latent class analysis of GSS data. My dissertation advisor is Prof. David Grusky. 


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