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Claire Daviss

PhD Candidate
B.A. Ethics, Politics, Economics, Yale University
M.A. Sociology, Stanford University
Dissertation Title
How We Hire Who We Hire: The Effect of Hiring Structures on Gender and Race Biases

Claire Daviss is a PhD candidate in the Sociology Department at Stanford University, studying gender, labor markets, and organizations. Her research draws on exciting new data sources — administrative and experimental — to improve the field's measurements and theories of hiring inequities. In her dissertation, she investigates how structural elements of the hiring process moderate the influence of gender, race, and other biases in hiring decisions. Before coming to Stanford, she worked at the Aspen Institute in Washington, D.C. She graduated cum laude from Yale College with a Bachelor’s in Ethics, Politics, and Economics in 2014.


Research Interests

Field of Interest
Labor Markets
Experimental Methods