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Christof Brandtner

Photo of Christof Brandtner

Christof Brandtner

B.S., Vienna University of Economics and Business, 2012
M.A. Stanford University, 2015


Christof Brandtner is a Ph.D. student in Sociology and a dissertation fellow at the Institute for Research in the Social Sciences at Stanford. Christof studies the co-evolution of society and organizations in light of the global expansion of civil society, the institutionalization of pro-social goals across society, and the rationalization of pro-social organizing. Christof uses econometric and computational methods to analyze original data on organizational behavior and discourse, often mixing in qualitative work. His research and teaching draw on economic sociology, organizational theory, and urban studies.

Christof's dissertation investigates the organization(s) of cities, which in the past twenty years have taken on unprecedented responsibiltiy for coping with social and environmental transformations such as climate change, technological innovation, and public health. Preliminary findings highlight the role of civic infrastructures and professional associations in empowering both administrative and collective city action.

As a former fellow at the Stanford Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society, Christof is a collaborator of the Civic Life of Cities project, a comparative study of the changing nonprofit sector across five cities worldwide, and the Stanford Project on the Evolution of Nonprofits (SPEN). His work has appeared in Sociological Theory, the Socio-Economic Review, Organization Studies, Urban StudiesResearch in Organizational Behavior, and Research in the Sociology of Organizations.