Christianne Corbett

Graduation Year
Dissertation Title
Belonging at Work: The Role of Organizational Factors and Interpersonal Interactions in Maintaining Workplace Inequality
Assistant Professor of Sociology, University of Arkansas


I study status-based inequality focusing specifically on gender and its intersection with race.  My research identifies mechanisms at the interactional and organizational levels that contribute to group-based inequalities at the societal level. An important component of my research agenda is identifying ways to interrupt micro- and meso-level processes that uphold societal-level inequalities to produce more equitable outcomes.

I have two central research streams. The first focuses on equity and inclusion in organizations, and the second investigates barriers to equity for lower-status groups in society more broadly.

I use a variety of methods to answer my research questions. I analyze survey data to identify overarching trends, conduct experiments – including survey and field experimentsto isolate causal mechanisms, use social network analyses to investigate the relationship between interpersonal environments and outcomes, and conduct interviews to understand individuals’ experiences. 

My scholarship advances our sociological understanding of bias and discrimination as well as work and organizations, shedding light on how interpersonal and organizational contexts can reinforce or mitigate social inequalities.


Research Interests

Field of Interest
Race & Ethnicity
Social Psychology