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Adam L. Horowitz

Image: Adam L. Horowitz
Adam L. Horowitz
Ph.D., Stanford University, 2016
B.A., Emory University, 2007



Adam L. Horowitz is a race and ethnicity scholar with substantive interests in the relationships between ethnoraciality and: a) science and technology, b) immigration and nativity, c) sexual orientation, and d) American Jewishness. At present, his primary focus is on how social meaning is drawn from modern genomics, particularly as it relates to ethnoracial membership and identity.

Based on recently completed research on Jewish converts and the dynamics of adopting ethnoracial group membership, Horowitz is currently writing a book on the roles of heredity and genetics in American ethnoracial construction. This research is also the basis for Horowitz's article, "Obviousness: The Unexpected Benefit of Phenotypic Dissimilarity," published in Ethnic and Racial Studies.In collaboration with Tomás R. Jiménez, Horowitz examines the influence of high-skilled immigrant communities on the form and function of American ethnoraciality. Jiménez and Horowitz are the authors of "When White is Just Alright: How Immigrants Redefine Achievement and Reconfigure the Ethnoracial Hierarchy," published in the American Sociological Review (2013), and of "Whitewashing Academic Mediocrity," published in Contexts (2015). In collaboration with Charles J. Gomez, Horowitz examines how ethnoracial boundaries are differently negotiated in same-sex versus heterosexual relationships.



Horowitz is strongly committed to high-quality teaching and innovative pedagogy. Horowitz was instructor of record for five courses and teaching assistant for seven courses at Stanford. In 2013, he was recognized by Stanford's Department of Sociology with the Leila Arthur Cilker Award for Teaching and, in 2015, was a recipient of Stanford’s Walter J. Gores Award for excellence in teaching, the university’s highest honor for teaching, presented by Stanford University President John Hennessy and Provost John Etchemendy at annual commencement ceremonies.


Community Involvement

At Stanford, Horowitz a three-term appointed member and former co-chair of the Board on Judicial Affairs and was an invited member of the Provost’s Task Force on Sexual Assault Policies and Procedures in the 2014-15 academic year. The Task Force's final report can be found here. Horowitz also has ten years of volunteer counseling experience, having worked with organizations such as The Trevor Project and Stanford’s HIV*PACT. Horowitz is trained for counseling in the areas of crisis intervention, suicide prevention, sexual orientation and gender identity, sexual health, relationship violence, and sexual assault response. He has professionally facilitated workshops on several of these topics for high school and undergraduate students. Please contact him directly with questions regarding arranging a workshop for your organization.