Tagart Sobotka interviewed by MEL magazine about his research on sexism

Are You Less Sexist Than Most Guys? You’d Be Surprised

New research offers a few clues why male ‘feminists’ and ‘allies’ are often the worst offenders — and the lies they tell themselves to rationalize it

Are you less sexist than most men? 

You likely think you are, according to a study published last year in Men & Masculinities. In “Not Your Average Joe: Pluralistic Ignorance, Status and Modern Sexism,” Tagart Sobotka, a PhD candidate at Stanford University, interviewed 214 men using the Ambivalent Sexism Inventory, a 22-item questionnaire to assesses levels of hostile and benevolent sexism toward women. Respondents are prompted to agree or disagree with statements like “Discrimination against women is no longer a problem,” “Women complain too often” and “Women exaggerate problems they have at work.”

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