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Sep 22 2017 | Stanford News
Stanford scholars Gi-Wook Shin and Michael R. Auslin discuss options for the United States as it contends with North Korea’s nuclear aspirations. In his Tuesday address at the United Nations General Assembly, President Donald Trump threatened to “totally destroy North Korea” if the U.S. is forced...
Aug 10 2017 | Stanford News
Stanford professors Dick Scott and Mike Kirst analyzed 45 years of higher education data in the Bay Area. Their findings showed that higher education has fallen behind the needs of an ever-changing region.
Jul 31 2017 | Stanford News
In his new book, sociologist Tomás Jiménez turns the conventional analysis of assimilation on its head and dissects the phenomenon from the perspective of Silicon Valley’s established population. The conventional way of studying assimilation is to document the changes immigrants and their children...
Dads should take more active role in families’ healthy eating
Jun 27 2017 | The Atlantic
"A better understanding of moral reasoning could help Americans cooperate on improving the country even amid deep disagreements." - Conor Friedersdorf
Jun 16 2017 | New York Times
Robb Willer's research on embarrassment discussed in the New York Times.
Jun 15 2017
Sociologist Doug McAdam examined 40 years of research and theory on social movements in an attempt to determine why a sustained grassroots movement on climate change has not developed in the United States. Numerous public opinion polls show that Americans believe climate change is a major problem...
Jun 8 2017
Congratulations to Cristobal Young who is the co-winner of the 2017 Granovetter Award for Best Article in Economic Sociology for his paper “Millionaire Migration and Taxation of the Elite: Evidence from Administrative Data,” given by the Economic Sociology Section of the American Sociological...
May 12 2017
Congratulations to Shelley Correll who has been awarded the 2017 Feminist Mentor Award by Sociologists for Women in Society (SWS), a non-profit feminist professional organization dedicated to promoting social justice.
Apr 26 2017
USC Gould Professor Emily Ryo Awarded Prestigious Andrew Carnegie Fellowship Continue reading on USC Gould News Webpage