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Mar 28 2018 | The Conversation
Sociology graduate student Devon Magliozzi's analysis on school shootings mentioned in the media. The Conversation, The Active shooter drills may reshape how a generation of students views school WFAE, Students Learn How To Save Lives In Case Of School Shooting  
Mar 16 2018 | Stanford News
While the country made progress on eliminating gender inequality in the latter half of the 20th century, progress has since slowed or stalled entirely, according to a report released by the Stanford Center on Poverty and Inequality. Click here to read the full article
Feb 23 2018 | The Atlantic
Marco Rubio's Lonely Fight The Florida senator's political and cultural boundary-crossing is hurting him now, but it may be just what America needs in the future.
Feb 14 2018 | The National Review
‘Newcomers,’ Immigration, and Assimilation in America
Feb 13 2018 | Quartz
The psychology that makes America a nation of immigrants
Why do poor Americans eat so unhealthfully? Because junk food is the only indulgence they can afford
Jan 22 2018 | NPR
Explaining 'Chain Migration' Or 'Family Reunification' President Trump wants an end of "chain migration" policy, replacing it with a "merit-based" immigration policy. NPR's Lulu Garcia Navarro speaks with Tomas Jimenez about his research on immigration. Continue reading NPR's coverage of Tomás...
Dec 20 2017 | The Washington Post
The Republican tax bill that is about to pass presents a paradox — why would so many democratically elected politicians support a bill that voters hate?
Dec 20 2017 | Stanford News
A new approach for reducing gender inequality in the workplace has shown promise in a pilot project at several companies. It combines existing tools and adds an evaluation of places where biases could creep in to a company’s procedures.
Deduction Rollback Hurts High-Tax States, But Exodus Isn’t Assured A key provision in the Republican tax plan could dim the appeal of living in high-tax states like New York in favor of low-tax states like Florida. But research on the subject suggests high-tax regions won't see a sudden or mass...