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Oct 14 2015
Mark Granovetter's well-known theory on riots is profiled in Malcolm Gladwell's latest piece in The New Yorker. The article is also highlighted in NPR's Morning Edition. How School Shootings Spread An increasingly ritualized form of violence is attracting unexpected perpetrators. http://www....
Oct 12 2015 | Stanford Report
New research shows how to make effective political arguments, Stanford sociologist says. Stanford sociologist Robb Willer finds that an effective way to persuade people in politics is to reframe arguments to appeal to the moral values of those holding opposing positions.
Aug 31 2015
Michael Rosenfeld’s work on the gender of breakup, showing that most divorces are wanted by the wife but nonmarital breakups are more gender neutral, which was presented at the 2015 ASA meetings, received a lot of press coverage, including in the New York Times blog Women in the World, The...
Aug 19 2015 | Stanford Report
New research reveals that most social surveys are not measuring what surveyors think is being measured when it comes to sex and gender. To better reflect today's diversity, Stanford sociologist Aliya Saperstein says survey designers should ask themselves if using only one question with two possible...
Jul 24 2015 | Stanford Report
A new study by Stanford researchers describes how American children born into high-income families can expect far greater  earnings and income over their lifetimes than children born into low-income families. When one wins the "birth lottery" by being born into a higher-income family, the economic...
Jun 20 2015 | Época
Aliya Saperstein interviewed for Brazilian news magazine Época about racial identity and Rachel Dolezal. See Article
Jun 12 2015 | The Washington Post
Aliya Saperstein comments on Pew's findings on multiracialism in America for the Washington Post and also in an interview with Wisconsin Public Radio's Central Time. Read More: Washington Post coverage:
May 19 2015 | Stanford News
A new Stanford report describes how poverty can be permanently reduced in the Golden State. Billed as the Equal Opportunity Plan, this approach focuses on creating equal opportunities for children at the most critical points in their lives. By Clifton B. Parker Stanford scholars and other experts...
May 6 2015 | Stanford Report
Mao at his death left China backward but, ironically, ready for reform, Stanford scholar says. Stanford sociology Professor Andrew Walder found that, unwittingly, Mao Zedong's long campaign against "capitalist tendencies" in the Chinese Communist Party laid the groundwork for a transition to a...
Apr 22 2015
David Grusky, the Barbara Kimball Browning Professor in the School of Humanities and Sciences and the Director of the Center on Poverty and Inequality, has been elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.