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Dec 16 2019 | Teacing Commons
In the Writing in the Major courses in both Sociology and Urban Studies, students produce original arguments based on new research. In Urban Studies, students write a proposal in their junior year either for an academic paper or a synthesis project, which can be directed toward an audience of...
Dec 6 2019 | The New York Times
"Research suggests they would gain moderate and conservative support — without losing ground among their base."   Learn more at the NY Times website
Nov 22 2019 | The New York Times
"Most of our public discourse about racism — when it’s not about violence or monuments or presidential rhetoric — is about white privilege, implicit bias and structural racism. Instead of specific actors, we tend to focus on forces that don’t actually implicate anyone in particular.   Those forces...
The Polarization and Social Change Lab (PASCL) studies forces that unite and divide Americans. Polarization of elites and the mass public stands in the way of effective solutions to virtually all societal problems. Their research is intended to contribute to scientific understanding of these...
Nov 12 2019 | Washington Post
"HONG KONG — The six friends, then in their early 20s, met on an online messaging board where they traded advice on stocks and investing. Their bond grew as they pursued careers and dreams, securing white-collar jobs, girlfriends and wives.
Oct 30 2019 | Stanford News
China’s Cultural Revolution was a power grab from within the government, not from without, Stanford sociologist finds Contrary to many published narratives, China’s Cultural Revolution was a rebellion that unfolded from within the party state, with party cadres seizing power from their superiors,...
Aug 28 2019 | Stanford News
Tight housing, immigration are shifting pressure onto Seattle’s black neighborhoods, Stanford sociologist finds A Stanford sociologist found that recent Asian immigrants moving to neighborhoods with more Asians explains the lack of redevelopment in these areas and contributes to the gentrification...
Aug 27 2019 | KERA
Assimilation Is A Two-Way Street From the first wave of European immigrants, newcomers to America are told that fitting into the established social structure is their responsibility. Stanford University associate professor Tomás Jiménez joins host Krys Boyd to take on the idea of assimilation, the...
Aug 23 2019
Algorithms, and not friends and family, are now the go-to matchmaker for people looking for love, Stanford sociologist Michael Rosenfeld has found.