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Feb 2 2015 | Stanford News
The Stanford Center on Poverty and Inequality issued a new report card today showing that the 50 states are running strikingly different anti-poverty systems. As one of three national poverty centers, the Stanford center issues an annual "State of the Union" report on poverty and inequality, with...
Nov 13 2014 | The New York Times
The New York Times quotes Shelley Correll in the article titled "Being a Father Is Good for Your Career, but Don’t Get Carried Away." Read More
Oct 13 2014 | Stanford News
Stanford Scholars Among the Most Cited Thomson Reuters selects its Citation Laureates based in large part on the number of times their work is cited by fellow colleagues. The group looks at high-impact publications, total citation counts, and citations per paper relative to field averages. Read the...
Oct 1 2014 | New York Magazine
Robb Willer's research on environmental messaging covered in New York Magazine.  
Sep 26 2014 | Stanford Report
Stanford sociologists Doug McAdam and Karina Kloos write in a new book that the ongoing influence of racially inflected social movements and politics since the 1960s has led to unprecedented levels of inequality and partisanship. They argue these trends threaten American democracy, and suggest a...
Jun 24 2014
Is US Immigration the Latest Humanitarian Crisis? More than 50,000 children, most alone and from Central America, have tried to cross the US-Mexican border since October. Officials are expecting that number to increase to 90,000 by the end of the year. The flood of unaccompanied minors,...
Jun 20 2014
The New York Times quotes Tomás R. Jiménez in the article titled “On Immigration, the Hard Lines Start to Blur.” Read More
May 28 2014
The Clayman Institute for Gender Research opened its new Women’s Leadership Center last Wednesday. The new center, led by Shelley Correll, Stanford professor in sociology and director of the Clayman Institute, aims to empower the underrepresented voices of women in the workplace and promote women’s...
May 17 2014
The New York Times quotes Tomás R. Jiménez, assistant professor of sociology, on ambivalence as potentially the single emotion that defines the immigration experience. (New York Times, The Way North (series), Sat, 5/17/14...
Feb 28 2014
Must-see morning clip: Stephen Colbert learns just how racist America really is On the second to last night of the month, Stephen Colbert announced that “The Colbert Report” will be “dedicating the rest of February to African-American heritage” in honor of Black History Month.”It is such a rich,...