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Nov 11 2016 | TEDx Talks
Robb Willer's recent TEDx talk on how to cross the political divide:  
Oct 19 2016
The author & assistant professor explores what it’s really like to be an African-American member of the Republican party in his text Black Elephants in the Room.
Oct 18 2016 | Stanford News
Stanford sociologist Corey D. Fields finds that some African-American Republicans see issues of race and racism as more of a problem in America than others. Despite being a relatively rare breed, African-American Republicans are diverse in their political thinking and reasons for being part of the...
Oct 6 2016
Can You Be Black and Republican? “The African-Americans love me,” Donald Trump said back in January. Nine months later, evidence of that love is exceedingly rare. Polls put Trump’s black support in the low single digits, smaller in several samples than the margin of error. In 1964, Barry Goldwater...
Aug 1 2016
Doctoral student Molly M. King and Professor Shelley Correll’s pre-print Men set their own cites high: Gender and self-citation across fields and over timehas been widely covered in the press, including:
Jul 27 2016 | ASA
Do Millionaires Move Across States to Avoid Taxes? The view that the rich are highly mobile has gained much political traction in recent years and has become a central argument in debates about whether there should be "millionaire taxes" on top-income earners. But a new study dispels the common...
Jul 21 2016
Cristobal Young's article Millionaire Migration and the Taxation of the Elite: Evidence from Administrative Data  has been widely covered in the press, including:
Jul 21 2016 | The Washington Post
"With convention season now in full swing, national polling shows a close contest between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. The recent tightening of the presidential race highlights a recurring theme of this year’s election cycle: the surprising willingness of Republicans to come together behind...
Jul 21 2016
Corey Fields joins the conversation on To the Point to discuss the Republican National Convention and his book Black Elephants in the Room: The Unexpected Politics of African American Republicans. 
Jul 15 2016
Study Explores Links Between Politics And Racial Bias A new study looks at the link between racial bias and the Tea Party. Researchers found that people who looked at images of Barack Obama that were edited to make his skin look darker were more likely to express support for the Tea Party.