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Stanford Department of Sociology and Program on Urban Studies - Senior Colloquium

June 7, 2018 (All day)

10:00 am:      Rodrigo Moreno, Sociology

From Radicals to Power Brokers

Commentator: Kim Higuera, Department of Sociology                             

10:30 am:      Andrea Flores, Sociology, Honors in Education

College of Last Chance: Latinx Students and the Community College System

Commentator: Rebecca Gleit, Department of Sociology

11:00 am:      Rocio Hernandez, Urban Studies and Sociology, Honors in CSRE

“This is Our Home: How White Ethnic Organizations Shape Latinx Communities,”

Commentator: Chloe Hart, Department of Sociology

11:30 am:      Kyle D’Souza, Sociology

The Syro-Malabar Church in America

Commentator: Sonia Hausen, Department of Sociology

12:00 pm:      Lunch

12:30 pm:      Nicole Phillips, Urban Studies

The Violence of Invisibility

Commentator: Gülgün Kayim, Creative Cities Fellow, Stanford Arts Institute

1:00 pm:        Jacque Ramos, Urban Studies

Looking at a Smart City’s Social Sustainability through its Urban Design: A Case Study of Songdo International City

Commentator: Dehan Glanz, Program on Urban Studies

1:30 pm:        Sungmoon Lim, Urban Studies

Urban Design in the Age of Globalization: An Analysis of the Global Reception of Seoul’s Cheonggyecheon Stream Restoration Project

Commentator: Jared Furuta, Department of Sociology

2:00 pm:        Joshua Seawell, Urban Studies

Housing Works: Welfare, Work and Leisure in America

Commentator: Asaf Levanon, Department of Sociology

2:30 pm:        Skye Talavera, Urban Studies, Honors in Education

Former Dual Immersion Students in Spanish 1: Implications of a Disparity Between Elementary Immersion Programs and Secondary World Language Instruction in California Public Schools

Commentator: Elizabeth Bernhardt, Department of German Studies

3:00 pm:        Nick Kraus, Urban Studies

Flooding in the Bayous: An Analysis of Environmental Injustice and Urban Development in Houston

Commentator: Indira Phukan, Graduate School of Education