Meet Our Peer Advisors for 2021-2022

Our peer advisors are Sociology students who can answer your questions and share their experiences regarding the Sociology major, sociology courses and sociological interests.

Photo of Kana Cummings

Kana Cummings

Pronouns: She/Her

Email: kana2022 [at] 

About Kana:

Your favorite class/professor (and why): I’ve loved every Sociology class I’ve taken so far so it’s difficult to choose a favorite, but I especially enjoyed SOC 2, Self and Society: Introduction to Social Psychology. As someone fascinated by human behavior, it was super interesting to dive deeper into the “how” and “why” behind social influence, persuasion, group dynamics, and so much more! All of the content was also extremely practical and applicable to daily life. Unfortunately, I’m not sure if the course is being offered this year, but whenever it returns, I highly recommend everyone take it! 

Favorite book (and why): One of my many favorites is The Space Between Us by Thrity Umrigar. It is set in modern-day Mumbai and tells the story of two women - Serabai, an upper-middle class housewife, and Bhima, her lower-class servant. The book explores gender and class roles while illustrating the intricate bond between Serabai and Bhima. As a reader, you’re completely drawn into the two women’s lives and feel for every triumph and tragedy they encounter. It is a very powerful read. There is also a sequel titled The Secrets Between Us

Your career goals and future plans: I’m planning on starting my career in management consulting but hope to work in the social sector afterwards addressing issues relating to food sustainability and racial equity. I am also interested in working in Asia. I believe Sociology has really helped me develop as a critical thinker, so I am excited to utilize this skill set to tackle problems I’m passionate about and help make a difference in the lives of others.

Office hours are by appointment to accommodate everyone’s schedules. Please book a time that works for you through my Calendly. If none of the listed times work, feel free to email me a few options that fit your schedule. Can’t wait to meet you!

Photo of Vanessa Veak

Vanessa Veak

Pronouns: She/They

Email: vveak [at]

About Vanessa:

Your favorite class/professor (and why): I also was very fond of SOC 2: Self and Society: Introduction to Social Psychology with Professors Alia Crum and Robb Willer. It was such a refreshing class to be in where the content felt so practical and continues to reveal itself in everyday situations. Discussions were always relevant to date and the interesting perspective of the social forces and implications behind our actions kept me engaged to the point where I decided to TA the course one quarter. Another course I enjoyed was SOC 145: Race and Ethnic Relations in the USA with Professor Matthew Snipp which allowed me to dive deeper into the nuances of race and ethnicity. This course allowed me to expand my knowledge on race and ethnic relations while also giving me academic and historical structure beyond my own experiences and reflections.

Favorite book (and why)The Legend of Korra and Avatar: The Last Airbender will always be my all-time favorite shows. The plot and art feels like an escape from reality while also magnificently integrating culture, elements, balance, history, spiritualism, and politics into a beautiful story. I will literally never get bored rewatching both shows.

Your career goals and future plans: While I am not entirely certain on my future trajectory, I am particularly interested in social work or continuing research for communities that I care for deeply, whether its Southeast Asians, first-gen and/or low-income, queer POC communities, or the intersections amongst them. I am passionate about racial and ethnic justice, education equity, and mental health advocacy, and Sociology has definitely allowed me to freely explore these fields and understand the systemic reasoning behind the effects, further deepening my desire to support this type of work. 

Office hours are by appointment in-person or over Zoom to accommodate everyone’s schedules. Please book a time that works for you through my Calendly. If none of the listed times work, feel free to email me a few options that fit your schedule. Looking forward to chatting with you!