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Stanford Sociology Doctoral Program: Association of Sociology Graduate Students (ASGS)

ASGS is a student-run organization consisting of and working for doctoral students in the Sociology Department at Stanford University. 

“Our goals are to promote community within the sociology department, facilitate communication between the department and graduate students, and find ways to make life in the department better.”

ASGS is made up of current sociology PhD students in our department, and positions are filled each year through election and nomination by their peers.  ASGS members are an important link between the graduate students and our faculty and staff, providing constant feedback about student needs and interests.  ASGS also assists in admissions, organizes community service activities and plans social events for the department. 

2017-2018 ASGS Officers

ASGS Co-Chairs: Kim Higuera and Katie Wullert

Admissions Chairs: Beka Guluma, Tamkinat Rauf, Jeff Sheng

Professional Development: Livia Baer-Bositis, Christof Brandtner, Lisa Hummel

Social Chairs: Isabel Iturríos-Fourzán and Colin Peterson

Undergraduate Studies Chair: Emily Carian

Faculty Search Chair: Bethany Nichols

Space Chair: [Vacant]

Community Service Chair: Julia Melin

Web Managers: Merilys Huhn and Sheridan Stewart

First Year Liasons: [N/A yet]