Is Sociology for you?

Sociology seeks to understand all aspects of human social behavior, including the behavior of individuals as well as the social dynamics of small groups, large organizations, communities, institutions, and entire societies. Sociologists are typically motivated both by the desire to better understand the fundamental principles of social life as well as by the conviction that an understanding of these principles may aid in the formulation of more enlightened and effective social policy. Sociology thus provides a strong intellectual background for students considering careers in the professions or business. Sociology can train you to answer the "what," "how" and "why" questions about human societies, past and present.

Would you like to study organizations? Social networks? Gender roles and relationships? Family structure and behavior? Interpersonal relationships and processes? Urban development? Historical societies and economies? Rural social trends? Are you interested in social movements? Gang violence? Current immigration issues? Race and ethnic relations? Crime and incarceration? Perhaps you have questions about poverty and inequality…

Sociology is a booming field that is constantly evolving and growing. To learn more about the current field of Sociology and the possible applications, visit the American Sociological Association website and read their sections on News, Media, Careers, and Journals. Who knows? Maybe you’ll end up a student member of the ASA.

With a degree in Sociology, you will be well-prepared for just about any career or advanced degree program.

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