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KAREN S. COOK is the Ray Lyman Wilbur Professor of Sociology; Director of the Institute for Research in the Social Sciences (IRiSS); and Vice-Provost for Faculty Development and Diversity at Stanford. She conducts research on social interaction, social networks, and trust. She has edited a number of books in the Russell Sage Foundation Trust Series she co-edits with M. Levi and R. Hardin, including Trust in Society (2001), Trust and Distrust in Organizations: Emerging Perspectives (with R. Kramer, 2004), eTrust: Forming Relations in the Online World (with C. Snijders, V. Buskens, and Coye Cheshire, 2009), and Whom Can Your Trust? (with M. Levi and R. Hardin, 2009). She is co-author of Cooperation without Trust? (with R. Hardin and M. Levi, 2005) and she co-edited Sociological Perspectives on Social Psychology (with Gary Alan Fine and James S. House, 1995). In 1996, she was elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and in 2007 to the National Academy of Sciences. In 2004 she received the ASA Social Psychology Section Cooley Mead Award for Career Contributions to Social Psychology.


Curriculum Vitæ
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Social Psychology; Organizational Behavior; Group Processes; Social Networks, Health Care.


Director, Institute for Research in the Social Sciences (IRiSS);

Vice-Provost for Faculty Development and Diversity, Stanford University;

Chair, National Academy of Sciences, Section 53 - Social and Political Science (2011)


Recent Books:

  • eTrust: Forming Relationships in the Online World. 2009. Karen S. Cook, Chris Snijders, Vincent Buskens and Coye Cheshire (eds.) New York: Russell Sage Foundation Publications.
  • Whom Can we Trust?  How Groups, Networks and Institutions Make Trust Possible. 2009. Karen S. Cook, Margaret Levi and Russell Hardin (eds.) New York: Russell Sage Foundation Publications.
  • Cooperation Without Trust? Karen S. Cook, Russell Hardin, Margaret Levi. (2005) New York: Russell Sage Publications
  • Trust and Distrust in Organizations: Emerging Perspectives. 2004. Roderick Kramer and Karen S. Cook (eds.) New York: Russell Sage Foundation Publications.

  • Social Capital, Nan Lin, Karen S. Cook and Ron Burt. 2001. The Netherlands: Aldine de Gruter.
  • Trust in Society, Karen S. Cook (editor) 2001. New York City, New York: Russell Sage Foundation

Articles and Book Chapters:

  • “Social Exchange, Networks, Power and Solidarity,” Karen S. Cook and Coye Cheshire. In Rafael Wittek, Tom Snijders and Victor Nee (eds.) The Handbook of Rational Choice Social Research, Stanford University Press (forthcoming) 2012.
  • “Social and Political Trust.” Karen S. Cook and Brian D. Cook. In the Handbook of Contemporary Social and Political Theory, Gerard Delanty and Stephen Turner (eds.) New York: Routeledge (2011).
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  • “General and Familiar Trust in Websites.” Coye Cheshire, Judd Antin, Karen S. Cook and Elizabeth Churchill. Knowledge, Technology & Policy, Special Issue on Trust and Technology, Mariarrosaria Taddeo (ed.) (2010).
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  • “How do American Black, White, Hispanic and Asian Health Care Users Perceive their Medical Non-Adherence?” Irena Stepanikova and Karen S. Cook, Research in the Sociology of Health Care. (2009). Winner of the 2010 Award for Excellence, Emerald Literati Network. (Outstanding Author Contribution Award Winner)
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